Among the many features, it offers is the screen recording feature. This feature is primarily meant for gamers to record clips of their gameplay, but it can very well be used by anyone to record the computer screen. Here are some of the essential shortcut keys if you use the Xbox Gamebar for video recording or for gaming. The good factor about these shortcut keys is you don’t have to open the app or follow additional steps to access the features. Which of these screen capture options is the best for you? If you’re a casual user who just needs to create videos occasionally, the free tools found in Windows 10’s Game Bar or Microsoft PowerPoint will do just fine.

It will only capture video and screenshots from one application at a time and only while it’s the active application. For example, if you’re recording something in Chrome and you minimize or close it, the recording will stop. Capture audio when recording a game – This is fairly straightforward, but if you click this area, you can see more settings.

Method 7: Uninstall Apps via Third-Party Uninstaller

In such a case, you need to recover the .exe file and the removed files the program generates. If this is your case, we have a few methods you can try. If you have uninstalled some programs, you cannot undo them.

There are mainly three methods you can use for partial screenshot Windows 10, and any of them are really helpful. Your keyboard should have a Print Screen key, and it’s easy to find. Look for a key, usually somewhere around the top right section of your keyboard, with the “Print Screen” on it. On some keyboards, it’s written in shorthand, like “PrtSc” or it may be the secondary function of a key, in which case you’ll need to use the “Fn” key of your keyboard to use it. Once you take a screenshot, theSnippingToolinterface expands to display the screenshot. You can do light edits, like using a pen, highlighter, and eraser.

Method 3: Bulk Uninstall with a Third-Party Tool

Click on an app to see the options Move and Uninstall. For Windows 10 apps too, type the name of the app in the taskbar search. The selected apps will be uninstalled from your Windows 11 PC right away. Instantly, it will scan your PC and list down all the removable apps. Here, you can select and remove system apps that were earlier unremovable from Windows Settings.

Additionally, smaller downloads may not show up or may be difficult to find. This may not work every time, and some applications cannot be removed in any legitimate way. For large, multi-part or specialty programs, use the program’s uninstaller to make sure you catch any hidden files. Many high-end programs will leave large chunks of data behind if you just drag them to Recycle Bin. Using the uninstaller will remove all of the data completely.

The entire screen will dim and the cursor will change to a cross. Windows also comes with additional screenshot tools. You can also add a delay to your screenshot to capture something that’s harder to take a screenshot of otherwise. Then, you can add quick annotations to your image before copying or saving it. On older Windows Phone devices, the key combination for taking a screenshot was the Power + Start buttons. But over time, Microsoft rejigged a few things and has landed on something which everyone will remember from here on in – Power + Volume Up buttons.

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